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Cabinet of psychotherapy in Bucharest

Our cabinet is an accessible space, discrete, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The client is invited to open up and try a counseling session, taking a step forward on the road to his recovery or personal development. Year after year the experience and the reputation have increased.

After more than 25 years of direct experience with our clients have accumulated:

  • over 2000 people that came to our cabinet seeking specialized services;
  • more than 800 solved cases in psychological counseling or psychotherapy;
  • addressability from inside the country and abroad.


Cabinet of psychotherapy in Brasov

High addresability from other parts of the country and over 25 years of direct experience with clients have led to the decision of opening a cabinet in Bucharest. The other cabinet is located in Brasov.
You can find more details here: www.psihoterapie-brasov.ro

What do you need to know about psychotherapy


Psychotherapy represents “the treatment of mental or emotional disorders and adjustment problems through the use of psychological techniques rather than through physical or biological means” (Strickland, B. 2001, The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology).

Even though it is an Individual Cabinet of Psychotherapy, we developed relations with psychologists that are at the beginning of their career, with social workers and with psychologists specialised in working with disabled children.

Another efficient collaboration is with a psychiatrist. The consultations take place in the cabinet, in a secure and soothing environment. Knowing the fact that the psychiatric consultation is a delicate matter, especially when there are children involved, we also established a collaboration with a specialist in working with children.

Our experience shows that success is guaranteed in most of the cases, the kids being able to open up and reveal themselves in this secure and protective space.


Our mission is to always have a close and effective relationship with our clients so that together we can achieve a complete and accurate analysis of demands and therapeutic services, and, of course, the development of solutions to help them in establishing individual desires, family life desires and the goals they set in today’s dynamic society.

Our values are:

  • INVOLVEMENT – Each issue and claim belonging to you, our customer, will receive full priority and attention.
  • EMPATHY – Your feelings, thoughts and emotions will always be important to us.
  • OPENING – We facilitate the development of an effective therapeutic relationship with a positive, open-minded and honest attitude.
  • SUPPORT – Our work is carried out by people for the benefit of people. Thus, our support is an essential human value in psychotherapy and clinical psychology.
  • COMPETENCE (PROFESSIONALISM) – Our services are of the highest level of excellence guaranteed both by legally entitled institutions and our previous clients.
  • CHALLENGE – Our clients are always demanding communication, promptitude, understanding, professionalism, they challenge us to overcome our own limits, and we in turn have learned to challenge them towards success, to overcoming bottlenecks, we entice them to being open , trustful and to value themselves and others.
  • SUCCESS – Our goal is to achieve success both for you and for us by helping you regain the joy of life, harmony with self, through solving your problems and by acquiring the balance needed in matters personal, social, emotional, family-related and professional.