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Analyze the most important part of you: your soul. Do you feel that certain mechanisms are blocked, that you don’t feel other times? You may not find your energy and resources, and you want to feel more, better, being yourself, but you don’t know where and how to start.It’s time to call the specialist to determine the therapeutic demand.

The psychotherapeutic approach is the one from the perspective of Existential Analysis. Existential analysis ,,aims (at) in promoting experience, relationship and action, openness and commitment.” (download from htt://www.analizaexistentiala.ro/). The human being (man) is regarded as a being which can self-model itself into what really matters to him in life. Therapy by existential analysis method focuses particularly on verbal means [resource](logotherapy), through free discussion, but also by adopting other means of intervention.

As existential analyst therapist I invite YOU, the one who asks me for help and support, to reflect on your own existence, on yourself and realize your role in your life, with the good and the bad.

The objective of existential analysis is to encourage man to face unpleasant situations, anxiety, loneliness, fear, of anxiety and help man to live in accordance with his own internal action and his own existence, (to) make sense, search for meaning and find the meaning of life.

Personality disorders
Panic attacks
Depression problems
Psychosomatic disorders

Too many unanswered questions
Too many obstacles that you can’t pass
Too many challenges

And you try to understand:
That time has only a hasty step and you shouldn’t always be set on the “play” button, that world has no patience to listen, and you feel like you need a boost, that you don’t cope with certain situations and that you want to know how to break the deadlock.
You need to know now and here, in this hasty rhythm of time and you need an objective opinion. Then it’s time to ask for an initial counseling session!

Couple and family counseling
Substance abuse and addictions counseling
Counseling victims of violence
Counseling in crisis

It is said that the real treasures are hidden deep and you know that, you feel it…Deep inside your soul there are emotions, there is knowledge, qualities that, for one reason or another, you did not value, you didn’t expose … Find out why! Learn how you can develop these treasures that are found in you. It is an appropriate occasion to start a counseling session in a psychology clinic in which your cognitive abilities and your emotional feelings can be evaluated.

Clinical diagnosis
Diagnosis and psychological clinical testing
Child’s complex evaluation
Vocational evaluation, identifying talents