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Here is where you can find answers to all your unspoken questions, even to those questions that did not receive a satisfactory response. You will be able to read the thoughts of others just like you who have sought the help of our clinic

“I had a mixed feeling. On one hand, I liked the fact that you spoke freely about what you observed about my person, but, on the other hand, I don’t know if I liked hearing the truth from the very first session. I kept in mind a few characteristics that you spoke about: my technical talent, my emotional instability, the fact that I am not a person that works well in teams. I believe that I need some additional explanations. I like clarity. Anyway, I didn’t expect you to draw correct conclusions about my personality so quick! I also kept in mind that I don’t need to see a psychiatrist or take any medicine, even thought there are many areas I need to improve. […]”

“I thought: it is a good start and you seem to be a serious man. I can respect you and I can learn from you.
I felt: relief, hope, but also fear – I am afraid of what we will discover about myself in our next sessions.”

“Hello, I am writing to thank you for your advice. I have reorganized my CV and after a week, on 24th of January, I received a job offer on the post of Office Manager at a big company.
I will start working Monday, 6th of February. I am a little bit nervous because I am the only girl in a team of 10 boys, but I hope everything will be fine.”

“Before arriving at your cabinet I kept telling myself: «I hope he will be a person that will make me feel peace…» and that is exactly what happened… I felt that I can open my mind and my soul and talk about myself…
I hope I will be able to regain my self trust and go back to being an optimistic, smiling person, just like I was before… The fact that I accepted the idea of asking for help is already a great step forward…
I trust that I made the right choice.”

“Today was my first visit at a psychological cabinet. My first session was a test and we both passed it, of course. The meeting was just as I expected it to be: full of emotions, cloudiness, exaltation, relaxation, joy. A plurality of various feelings. I liked our discussion, I loved the place’s energy, I enjoyed the way I felt.
I want to find that balance you talked about as soon as possible.”